About Us...

The Asco Switchgears Pvt. Ltd. & Asco LED Lighting Is an ISO: 9001-2015 Certified Company and our Group Companies were founded with a dream and a determination to bring to India World- Class products and services for power distribution, control, protection and generation. Over the last 30 years, the Group has worked relentlessly towards this in India.

Our range of products extends from the 100% indigenous Low Voltage Switchgears & Control gears.

All of us at Asco Switchgears Pvt. Ltd. Group have made a commitment to our present and future customers regarding the quality of our products and customer support. We encourage our customers to expect “ A World of excellence “ from us- we will deliver!

We introduce our self as a one of the leading and well established manufacturer of “ASCO” Brand Electrical Switchgears with I.S.I Marks in Latest I.S.I Specifications IS : 60947-3:1999 Change Overs Switches 16 A to 1200 Amps, Fuse Switch Units (Double Break Switches) With/Without H.R.C. Fuses, Miniature Circuit Breakers With I.S.I Mark as per IS : 60898-1:2002, R.C.C.B’S/E.L.C.B’S, M.C.C.B’S T.P. & F.P., Cubical type Heavy Duty Fuse Switches, On-Load Change Over Switches, Fuse Kitkats, Electrical D.O.L. Motor Starters and many more items mention in our Price List.
Asco Switchgears Certified