Control HBC Fuse-link have been designed to meet the requirements set for modern installations & electrical power plants.
HBC Fuse Link Bolted Connection Type, 80KA
Breaking Capacityas per IS 13703: 1993 & IEC 269:1986
ASCO High Breaking Capacity (HBC/HRC) Fuse Links

  • Current range: 6 Amp. to 630 Amp.
  • Type: Offset and Central
  • Bolted type tags with 2 or 4 fixing holes.
  • Very low watt loss.

ASCO Din Type with Blade Contact

  • Breaking Capacity: 80KA
  • Rating Amp.: 25 Amp. to 630 Amp.
  • High resistance to ageing
  • Constant Characteristic over a wide temperature range.
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